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Intuis SP Dir

Intuis SP Dir
Mã Sản Phẩm
Tên Sản Phẩm Intuis SP Dir
Kích Thước
Chất Liệu
Màu Sắc
Giá Call
Tình Trạng Còn Hàng
Easy to program BTE instrument.

  • Optimized solution for severe to profound hearing loss.
  • High performance directional microphone (TwinMic™).
  • Automatic feedback cancellation.
  • Adaptive noise reduction in 4 channels.
  • Simple to adjust with four adjustable compression channels and one configurable cross over frequency.
  • Four individual hearing programs for microphone and telecoil.
  • Professional and efficient fitting with the new workflow oriented CONNEXX™ software.


Fully digital 4-channel BTE instrument.

Phụ Kiện :


  • Housing in beige, granite and black.
  • Colour conversion kits in brown, grey, silver and pearl white as well as transparent and translucent fashion colours: pink, purple, yellow, green, blue.

Optional Accessories

  • Audio shoe.
  • Volume control cover.
  • Small earhook.
  • Eyeglass adapter.

Tài Liệu >>> Tải tài liệu tại đây

  • Volume control.
  • Audio input.
  • Telecoil.
  • Battery compartment with and On/Off function.
  • Push button for program selection with alert tones for program change.
  • Programmable On/Off function for push button.
  • Battery type 675.
  • Alert tones for low battery voltage.

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