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Mã Sản Phẩm
Tên Sản Phẩm SCOLA Talk
Kích Thước
Chất Liệu
Màu Sắc
Giá Call
Tình Trạng Còn Hàng

An FM transmitter that transmits speech or other audio signals, such as those from a television or MP3 player, to a SCOLA receiver or other FM receiver. We recommend SCOLA Talk primarily for personal use by young people and adults in teaching and working situations. SCOLA Talk is equipped with a microphone system with five microphones, which makes it possible to choose between different settings, so that you can for example listen to a group conversation, or choose to focus on a single speaker. SCOLA Talk can also be used as a microphone with SCOLA Teach in connection with TeamTeaching. 

  • Up to 30 metre working range
  • Five internal microphones
  • Three different directional patterns
  • Full frequency response in all modes
  • Connector for external audio input or external microphone
  • More than 30 FM channels available (subject to local regulations)
  • Available for three different FM bands
  • Operates with rechargeable or alkaline batteries


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